A Very Muddy Dog

I had a book for Christmas with lots of new local walks and so today we decided to explore. The walk is at Bradfield Woods near Bury St Edmunds so not in our usual patch. The countryside is gently rolling with small villages and windy back roads, just what we like. The woods are surrounded by arable fields and have a number of well routed walks of varying distance to suit most visitors. The woods are managed with coppice providing material for hurdle fencing and the paths wind through the woods, alongside fields in a circular route back to the small car park. It was quite muddy being February but we were well booted up and Fozzie loved splashing around and trying to pull us into the quagmire. After a 2.5 mile walk slipping and sliding we decided to head for the local pub at Felsham. Good food, exposed beams and dogs are welcome, just what we needed.